Hey all,

In March we will be filming a video clip for our song ‘Rational Economic Man’. We are filming on Saturday, March 5 around 4pm.

We’re asking everyone to come on down and get involved. We will be providing some free beer for your efforts.

Address: 38 Stafford St, Abbotsford – Click here for the facebook page.

And for those of you that haven’t heard, we are finally up on iTunes! You can click here to buy  our ‘Pet Hate EP’.

Rock! – DT



  1. Saturday? Sorry, no can do guys. Have fun though kids! Keen to see this post edit.

  2. No worries Shea. If you can provide us with a photo of you, we may be able to include it in the clip.


  3. I’ll see if my printshop contact can sneak a life-ish size print out the door without the boss getting involved. A relatively good non-educated guess is that there might be a 12.3% chance of this actually happening.


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