Damn Terran are flattered to be included in the 2010 Inpress Writers Poll. Inpress contributor and drummer of  Mesa Cosa Chris Chinchilla rates us in two categories.

Artist of the Year

  1. Massive Attack
  2. Howl At The Moon
  3. Monotronix
  4. Damn Terran
  5. Frank Tuner

Best Australian Artist Performance

  1. Howl At The Moon
  2. Jungal
  3. Rat Vs Possum
  4. Regurgitator
  5. Damn Terran

Being featured among such impressive bands like Regurgitator (one of our all-time favourite Australian bands), and Howl At The Moon (our good mates and fellow Melbourne rockers) is a great way to finish 2010.

We’ll see you in 2011 with some new recorded music and more kick arse live shows!

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